Updated Products

Accredited testing laboratory Accredited testing laboratory
Calibration of particle counters Calibration of particle counters
Clean room telephone K-2000 Clean room telephone K-2000
Clean rooms Clean rooms
Facility management Facility management
Laminar flow cabinets Laminar flow cabinets
Painting lines Painting lines
Galvanic lines Galvanic lines
Industrial pressure transmitters Industrial pressure transmitters
Fill valves Fill valves
Surface treatment of metals Surface treatment of metals
Conveyors Conveyors
Flavours and extracts Flavours and extracts
Custom production of aluminium castings Custom production of aluminium castings
Roller chains Roller chains
Rotary chains Rotary chains
Transportation chains Transportation chains
Milk bottles Milk bottles
PET bottles for wine PET bottles for wine
Plastic bottles Plastic bottles
Extensions for fork trucks Extensions for fork trucks
Cranes Cranes
Handling equipment Handling equipment
Manual trolleys Manual trolleys
Molten metal handling Molten metal handling
Platform trucks Platform trucks
Pneumatic manipulators Pneumatic manipulators
Scissor lifts Scissor lifts
Assembly lines Assembly lines
Conveyor lines Conveyor lines
Conveyors Conveyors
CNC turning CNC turning
Custom CNC machining Custom CNC machining
Sliding headstock machines Sliding headstock machines
Soap dispensers Soap dispensers
Paper towel dispensers Paper towel dispensers
Professional Merida vacuum cleaner Professional Merida vacuum cleaner
Toilet paper dispensers Toilet paper dispensers
Acrylic glass Acrylic glass
Antinoise walls Antinoise walls
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