Updated Products

Hotel textile Hotel textile
Industrial pressure transmitters Industrial pressure transmitters
Bookbinding cloth Bookbinding cloth
Precision castings Precision castings
Centrifugal fans Centrifugal fans
Profile bending Profile bending
Air-entraining agents for concrete Air-entraining agents for concrete
Alpha-olefin (C14-16) sodium sulfonate Alpha-olefin (C14-16) sodium sulfonate
Concrete superplasticizer Concrete superplasticizer
Foaming agents for gypsum boards Foaming agents for gypsum boards
Gypsum fluidizers Gypsum fluidizers
Lauryldimethylamine oxide Lauryldimethylamine oxide
Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid - LABSA Linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid - LABSA
Sodium cumenesulfonate Sodium cumenesulfonate
Sodium laureth sulfate - SLES Sodium laureth sulfate - SLES
Sodium lauryl sulfate - SLS Sodium lauryl sulfate - SLS
Inductors Inductors
Interference suppression chokes Interference suppression chokes
Ball bearings Ball bearings
SKF bearings SKF bearings
Care beds Care beds
Medical equipment Medical equipment
Profiling beds Profiling beds
Central vacuum cleaners Central vacuum cleaners
GarageVac vacuum cleaner GarageVac vacuum cleaner
Laundry chutes Laundry chutes
Flotation apparatus Flotation apparatus
Flotation units Flotation units
Rotary screen Rotary screen
Kitchen worktops Kitchen worktops
Quartz Quartz
Worktops Worktops
Industrial marking Industrial marking
Laser engraving Laser engraving
Construction of single-purpose machines Construction of single-purpose machines
High pressure pumps High pressure pumps
High pressure units High pressure units
Aluminium constructions Aluminium constructions
Prefabricated structures Prefabricated structures
Welded constructions Welded constructions
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